Love, Secrets, and Absolution:


An emotional and gripping psychological, family drama.


By K.L Loveley

Publication day: Wednesday, 1 November

Book blurb

People in the village gossip about Grace’s son, Alfie.

He’s a lonely boy full of secrets, lies, and obsessive thoughts.

How far can a mother’s love go? Will she ultimately sacrifice her life for his?

Set in Nottinghamshire, this family drama follows the lives of Grace and Alfie as he transforms from a naïve, young boy into a teenager spiralling out of control.

Love, Secrets, and Absolution is a coming of age story with a difference.

Deceit, betrayal, love, and addiction, a family falling apart in the midst of teenage angst and torn loyalties; will anybody find absolution?

Love, Secrets, and Absolution book cover

‘Love, Secrets, and Absolution’ is a psychological family drama by the author K.L Loveley .


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